Live stream: High school drill group authority championships

OREM — The UCCU Center will be the host of the UHSAA authority drill group championships Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Today’s competitions include the 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A and 2A finals. Here are the performance schedules for 6A & 5A and 4A/3A/2A.

4A/3A/2A begins at 8 a.m.; 6A/5A begins at 5 p.m.

4A, 3A and 2A finals

6A and 5A finals

Here are the replays of the 1A finals and the 4A and 3A semifinals. You can find the group performance schedule here.

Friday’s performances

Friday night’s performances

Below are the replays of Thursday’s 6A and 5A semifinal competitions. You can find the group performance schedule for both pods here.

Pods 1 & 2

Pods 3 & 4

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