Why the US Must Befriend Hungary’s Populist Leader

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a convincing majority in Sunday’s parliamentary election. Even the day ahead of the election, The Guardian was all too pleased to showcase the left’s apoplexy by running the headline “Hungary’s war on democracy is a war on democracy everywhere.” This has it exactly backward, of course. Liberals may have a thousand […]

A Negotiated Settlement in Afghanistan Is Ideal, Yet Remains Distant

The Afghan authority declared recently that it wants to close the Taliban’s office in Doha, Qatar. The Taliban representative’s presence in Doha dates to 2011, with the formal office being established in 2013. The office was originally established to give the Taliban a permanent location in a neutral country where Afghan authority officials and the […]

Congress Should Get Past Obamacare, Forget Bailouts, and Embrace Real Health Reform

This week, congressional leaders withdrew legislative language that would have bailed out Obamacare’s health insurance companies as part of the $1.3 trillion, 2,232-page omnibus spending bill. Most American taxpayers are opposed these Obamacare bailouts, but they have every reason to be nervous as long as Congress is in session. The reason: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, […]

Daily Signal Exclusive: Labor Secretary Alex Acosta on Trump’s Job-Creation Success

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta communicated to The Daily Signal’s Rob Bluey about the Trump administration’s approach to job creation, reducing authority regulations, and what it’s like to work for President Donald Trump. Acosta communicated Thursday at Generation Next, a White House forum for millennials. An edited transcript of his Daily Signal interview is below. Rob Bluey: […]

College Rejects Ben Shapiro Speech on Anniversary of Hate Crime Hoax

A private college in Minnesota refused to allow conservative author and commentator Ben Shapiro to speak on the anniversary of a hate crime hoax at the school. The Turning Point USA chapter at St. Olaf College attempted to invite Shapiro to speak April 23, but the campus administration shut down the proposal, citing the date […]

This is what helps stop fantastic corporations from bribing politicians

In January 2018, an appeals court upheld a 12-year sentence for past Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on corruption charges. The sentence arose from the “Operation Car Wash” investigation, that may be the world’s biggest corruption case. Executives from Brazil’s authority oil company accepted more than $5 billion in bribes back for […]

What Italy’s economic woes mean for Sunday’s vote

The European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. (Michael Probst/AP) These days, no one is more negative about the European economy than the Italians. In Sunday’s general elections, here’s how Italy’s difficult economic times will likely factor. A decade after the start of the euro-zone crisis, Italy’s gross domestic product has yet to return to its 2007 […]