Aziz Ansari Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations

Aziz Ansari has responded to allegations of sexual assault made from him.  The actor – best fathom for starring in ‘Parks And Recreation’ and creating and starring in ‘Master Of None’ – was accused of assaulting an anonymous 23-year-old photographer, who got forward with her story.  In her account, that she called the encounter the […]

I’m Determined To Ward Off Blue Monday By Doing Things I Love

Today marks the best depressing day of the year. It is indisputably, unquestionably, incontrovertibly, the one day of the year when we don’t consider the require to make excuses for our melancholy mood. Today is officially Blue Monday. And is it any wonder? We’ve been pushed out of the Christmas and New year cocoon into […]

Graphic Eyelids: Makeup Inspo That Will Make You Forget Black Eyeliner

Everyone has a routine. How they wake up in the morning. When they usually have their coffee. If they put their “outfit of the day” on ahead of their makeup or vice versa. And sometimes, we can fall into a rut with our beauty routine. Putting your confront on regularly can become monotonous. The same feline flick, […]

Aspiration, Aspiration, Aspiration: The Way We View Social Mobility Is Flawed

In July 2016 Theresa May set forth her intentions for ensuring Britain was ‘the world’s greatest meritocracy – a country where everyone has a fair chance to go as far as their talent and difficult work will allow’. It was rhetoric that reflected the post-Brexit idealism of the 51% – a Britain that understood no […]

The Trump Administration Shows The Dangers Of The Abnormal Becoming Normal

It takes a surprisingly short amount of time for the public-at-large to accept what would previously be seen as an extremely abnormal authority of affairs as a new authority of normality. Let us take this past week for example; in any previous presidency, the news that the president had been accused of paying for the […]

Can’t Trump Do Anything Right?

Let’s start with a short book review. American author, Michael Wolff was provided unprecedented access to the Trump White House. Sadly, he ended up writing a book that eschews journalism and plumps for polemic. To be clear from the start, I was gunning for ’Fire and Fury’. I wished to see Trump exposed as an […]

Jeremy Corbyn Says US Is Not Britain’s Most Important Relationship

.@JeremyCorbyn tells @Peston he is not surprised that @realDonaldTrump cancelled his trip to the UK — Peston on Sunday (@pestononsunday) January 14, 2018 Labour head Jeremy Corbyn has sold a blow to the so-called ‘special relationship’ after saying the US is not Britain’s best important relationship with an additional country. The Labour head stated the […]

Nine Easy Ways To Get Into Ethical Fashion

“Treat others as you wish to be treated.” It’s a simple philosophy, and you’ve most likely heard it a million times – I fathom I heard it more than enough when I was growing up. It’s a phrase that is quite completely ingrained in the way I behave today. I like making small talk with the […]