How to Develop Empathy for Someone Who Annoys You

vincent tsui for hbr When someone you work with annoys you, it’s tempting to avoid the individual as much as possible. But this isn’t consistently feasible and often only makes the situation worse. You’re ahead off cultivating a few empathy. How can you do that with a colleague who rubs you the wrong way? How can […]

7 Traits of Super-Productive People

htu/Getty Images Is there someone on your group who seems unusually productive? Someone who gets a huge amount done — without working longer hours? Super-productive people are in every industry. The best productive software developers write nine times more usable code per day than the average developer, according to research by Michael Mankins. He further found that […]

Bad Bosses

Is your boss making your life miserable? In this episode of HBR’s advice podcast, Dear HBR:, cohosts Alison Beard and Dan McGinn answer your questions with the help of Moshe Cohen, a elder lecturer at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. They talk over what to do when your boss is a jerk, a workaholic, […]

The Best Flu Prevention Might Be Behavioral Economics

diane555/Getty Images Alongside well-known misconceptions that healthy people do not require the flu shot and myths about the harmful side effects of the vaccine, numerous studies have portrayed that one of the biggest reasons people don’t get vaccinated is that a physician never recommends it. (Eighty percent of patients assert they would be more likely to […]

How to Lose Your Best Employees

CSA Images/Getty Images You want to be a fantastic boss. You want your company to be a fantastic place to work. But right now, at this true moment, one of your key employees might be about to walk out the door. She has consistently brought her best game to work and has learnt into a […]

How to Get People to Accept a Tough Decision

Colormos/Getty Images Imagine this: You’re a general manager for a manufacturing company and orders are up. You fathom you should be celebrating, but instead, you consider gut punched. Your plants are facing severe capacity and material constraints and you fathom you can’t occupy these orders. Now you have to decide that ones to fill, that […]

Research: When You Don’t Have an Alternative in a Negotiation, Try Imagining One

Yenpitsu Nemoto/Getty Images Conventional wisdom suggests that negotiators require alternatives to succeed. Alternatives give negotiators the assurance to negotiate offers more ambitiously, to push for more optimal outcomes, and to walk away from the table when needed. But negotiators often have no alternative at all. For example, a recent survey by GMAC suggests that the […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing

HBR Staff/Chris Minerva/Getty Images In the past decade, content marketing has become a extensively established practice. Companies have hired writers and Chief Content Officers to run departments, create blogs and other materials, and, in the process, a few have assured sales people that content marketing can mean the completion of cold calling. The playbook sounds simple: […]

The Best Leaders See Things That Others Don’t. Art Can Help.

andrew nguyen/hbr staff/the new york public library I don’t often start essays about leadership with insights from French novelists, but in this case it seems appropriate. “The true act of discovery,” Marcel Proust wrote, “consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” Today the best successful companies don’t merely outcompete their […]

4 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Work (Without Adding More to Your Plate)

Jobalou/Getty Images As a leader, you probably juggle multiple stuff at work and at home. You’re not alone. Most executives I coach struggle with balancing parenting and work duties. They worry that they aren’t spending enough time with their children, and they’d like to help their children learn from their experience and avoid mistakes they’ve made. […]