How to Create Viral Content – Here Are 8 Tips

How to Create Viral Content – Here Are 8 Tips We live in the era of Youtube. Everyone wants to make a viral content, boost their channel’s visibility and angle their brand into a household name. Of course, generating a few serious cash in the form of corporate sponsors and viewership is nice too, but with […]

Why a few businesses thrive although others fade into obscurity in the age of constant change

The pace of change is set to become even faster concurrently 2018. Technology, globalisation and shifting workforce demographics are completely altering the way company is conducted. According to company consulting firm McKinsey and Co[1], every occupation that exists today has the potential to be at least partially automated, and the firm estimates half of all […]

“An innovator amongst incubators”: Cicada Innovations named world’s leading incubator

Sydney deep tech incubator, Cicada Innovations, has been named ‘Top Incubator in the World’ by global peak industry association for entrepreneurship programs, the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). [Related: Now that more capital is available to deep tech startups, they require ahead access to makerspace: Cicada Innovations’ CEO] Finalists were selected from over 2,200 InBIA […]

Six ways to keep Costs Down and Revenue Up

With less than three months to financial year end, here’s a few fantastic questions to help you prepare ahead of and after 1 July.  If you are wondering, like me, where this calendar year has gone, it may be little surprise to you that we are less than three months away from the completion of the financial […]

Four ways to fix a pricing mistake

In my previous article, Oops… my company made a pricing mistake, I outlined pricing mistakes businesses commonly make.  Knowing the mistakes should help you identify and avoid making the same mistakes but what do you do after you discover you’ve made a pricing mistakes? Fix 1 – Know your target customer or customers A honestly useful […]

BenchOn raises $650k to tackle staff underuse; CEO reveals how the military shaped his startup

B2B Talent mobility platform BenchOn has raised $650,000 in seed capital to meet market demand for its software solution to employee underutilisation, estimated to cost the Australian economy $305 billion each year in missed productivity. [Related: Can ‘For-Profit’ businesses still have a Social Impact? BenchOn’s founder provides answers and Why the startup ecosystem needs more non-technical […]

Non-bank company lenders growing in popularity amongst SMEs

There is no doubt the fantastic banks remain major players in the SME lending market however, there has been a steady rise in the number of non-bank lenders offering fast and flexible lending options in this space. They are able to move much faster than the traditional banker with their unique ‘fintech’ approach, giving small […]

The modern workplace and how to adapt

Greg Scileppi, President of International Staffing Operations at Robert Half International, looks at how to deal with changes in the workforce and create a more flexible way of working.  The traditional workplace is changing rapidly. We have reached a point where the combination of generations and demographics has resulted in often diverging expectations of work […]

How repeat customers improved my business

“Repeat company is both an honour that confirms you’re doing something right, and a reminder to push yourself to keep serving the people who love what you’re doing,” says entrepreneur Kyla Kirkpatrick. Here, she shares her secrets to earning repeat business. It has been 10 years after I started The Champagne Dame and I am […]